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You will find on genealogy of the Carothers family in America, genealogy of the parent Carruthers family in Scotland, short vignettes of certain key Carothers-Carruthers people throughout history, maps of the ancestral homes in both Scotland and America, travel information concerning visiting these ancestral homes, shopping information for Carothers-Carruthers artifacts and books / movies / music related to Scotland and the Borders territory that was, and still is, home to the Carothers and Carruthers families.

Additionally, you will find a wealth of information about various families that have intermarried with the Carothers and Carruthers families. These other families include, but are not limited to the following names: Armstrong, Barr, Bell, Bruce, Douglas, Johnston, Ferree, Forsythe, Godwin, Hart, Horn, Kimery, Kuykendall, James, Maxwell, Melson, Morton, Murray, Vail, and West. In particular, you will find history that puts your family's chronicles in perspective.  We are an excellent source for early American history. 

General Family Resouces can also by found by reviewing the Family Resources page.

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