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Miscellaneous name derivation, without much history

Other name derivations, for which we do not have much history, are listed here.  As more history regarding these names becomes available, they will be given their own web page.

Butterwhat - historically also spelled Butterthuate and Butterquhat, comes from a personal name "Buther" and thveit, a forest clearing.

Dalton - comes from the Olde English dael, meaning a valley, and tun, meaning an enclosure with dwellings on it.

Denbie - comes from Daenir, meaning by the farm or village of the Danes.

Dormont - is thought to be derived from the Gaelic dobhar, meaning water, and mhonadh, meaning hill.

Holmains - is derived from Olde English hol, for a hollow

Jardine - Old Norse for "javelin thrower".

Mouswald - in ancient times, this name was spelled Moswald, meaning the Wood near the Moss.  Weald or wald signifies a woody place.

Rammerscales - comes from rauthr, meaning red, mor, meaning a waste land, and skali, meaning a hut. 

Whitecroft - in Olde English, hwit or white is used to indicate an open pasture, as opposed to wood or heather.  A croft is a small enclosed field, usually adjacent to a house.  The Carruthers estate of Whitecroft had, at one time, also been called Nether Denbie.


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