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Carruthers Coat of Arms and Crest
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Pass along the heritage to others in your family.

Carruthers Coat of Arms and Crest
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A .jpg file of the Carruthers Coat of Arms, Helmet, Mantle and Crest. This is a file of an original hand painting of the Carruthers Coat of Arms as described in Burke's General Armory. Unlike other Carruthers Coats of Arms available in the internet, this is a true representation, with the Angel "volant" (flying). This image is available for personal use only. Copyright is maintained by Carothers Enterprises.
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Records of the Carruthers Family by A. Stanley Carruthers and R.C. Reid, the definitive study of the Carruthers family in Scotland, is now available for purchase online as an eBook.  See our review and a link to the site for purchase here.


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