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You will find here genealogy of the Carothers family in America, genealogy of the parent Carruthers family in Scotland, short vignettes of certain key Carothers-Carruthers people throughout history, maps of the ancestral homes in both Scotland and America, travel information concerning visiting these ancestral homes, shopping information for Carothers-Carruthers artifacts and books / movies / music related to Scotland and the Borders territory that was, and still is, home to the Carothers and Carruthers families.

Additionally, you will find a wealth of information about various families that have intermarried with the Carothers and Carruthers families.  These other families include, but are not limited to the following names:  Armstrong, Barr, Bell, Bruce, Douglas, Johnston, Ferree, Forsythe, Godwin, Hart, Horn, Kimery, Kuykendall, James, Maxwell, Melson, Morton, Murray, Vail, and West.  In particular, you will find history that puts your family's chronicles in perspective. 

General Family Resouces can also by found by reviewing the Family Resources page in the left hand column.

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Much data has been amassed that will be put on this web site. However, it does take some time to format the information into what is needed for web publishing. Please bear with us. New information is being added literally every day.

Should you have a desire for specific pieces of information, please email us at CustomerService@Carothers-Carruthers.com and we will address your desires as soon as possible. Although we have several thousand people in our genealogy database, we do not have information on every Carothers or Carruthers. However, we do have much information that is gathered but just not formatted for the web, yet. Additionally, we have stopped our genealogy charts at people born in early 1900, in order to protect against identity theft of anyone living. Let us know what your desires are, and we will let you know if we can help or not.

In order to try to keep you abreast of what new information has been added, we have placed an index of new material on this Home Page of the site. We believe that you will find genealogy, history, stories, travel aids, and merchandise that you will like. Please visit us often. Thank you.

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2007 Updates are available from the Archives.

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Trying to Locate a Carothers Ancestor?

Trying to Locate a Carothers Ancestor?

If you would like help in locating a Carothers ancestor, we recommend that you post an inquiry on the Carothers Genealogy Forum.  It hasn't had much posting lately, but quite a number of questions and answers are already there for your review. Other forums include Carruthers, Caruthers, Carrithers, Carouthers, and Carrothers.


Please consider helping to support this web site's research and communication about our family.  Your contribution, however small, will help defray the costs of maintaining and expanding our knowledge of our family and its role in history.  Just click on the Donate button, and PayPal will let you donate, via either a PayPal account, or one of the credit cards pictured below.  You receive our heart felt thanks for your support.  

Beware of Fraudulent Genealogy Web Sites

Beware of Fraudulent Genealogy Web Sites

We have recently become aware of three websites purporting to allow family history research: SearchYourGenealogy.com, Ancestry-search.com and Australian-Ancestry.com.  The sites claim to have “the largest online genealogical search tool” and promote themselves as the foremost resources for genealogy, but from what we can tell, these sites are nothing more than a series of web pages with links to other services.  These sites, in our opinion, are clearly fraudulent.  On each site, potential customers are lured to purchase under what we feel to be false, misleading and deceitful promotional material, and get little or no value out of money spent at the websites.  Blog and message board posts from the community confirm this opinion.  The people/companies behind the websites are buying very high level paid search results on Google and other sites.  In addition, they are using trademarks of well-known websites, including Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com, to get higher-than-normal natural search results.  It appears the site colors, fonts, and pictures on at least one site are designed to mislead people in to believing the site is related to Ancestry.com.  We want to encourage consumers to validate and verify the legitimacy of a website before providing credit card information or paying for services.


Genealogists - Source Documents - Many Free

Genealogists - Source Documents - Many Free

Search Original Civil War Documents





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